The Most Important Advice For New Parents For Baby Shower To Take Note

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Having a baby is both a happiness and a difficult challenge for first-time parents. Bathing children is one of the first challenges you face as a parent. Here is advice for new parents for baby shower from seasoned parents and baby experts that we’ve put together to make your first month of motherhood easier, as well as a foundation for parenting. healthy and right children later.

The Most Necessary Advice For New Parents For Baby Shower

advice for new parents for baby shower


Newborns may feel fragile and immature to you, but don’t be afraid to touch, pet, or cuddle your baby. In fact, studies show that babies who are held for more than 2 hours a day grow better and cry less. No guide to taking care of a newborn could be complete without this valuable advice for new parents for baby shower!

Remember: Newborns’ neck muscles are not yet developed, so you’ll need to support your baby’s head whenever you pick him up. You should also support your infant’s head against your shoulder or with your opposite hand while holding your baby.

Bath water temperature

This is the main advice for new parents for baby shower. Never put your baby in the tub while the water is still running. Because the temperature of the water changes quickly and a child can get burned in a few seconds when touching water at 60 degrees C. Baby bath temperature should be between 37 and 38 degrees C.

A thermostatic valve should be installed. If the house has a separate hot and cold faucet, it can control the temperature of the water. Keep your baby away from the faucet as hot water can cause the faucet to overheat. Babies can lose heat when taken out of the water, so keep the room warm. When taking your baby out of the tub, warm him up with a towel, and dry him/her in diapers and clothes.

Water Depth

For babies under six months of age, fill the tub with water so that the water is about 8 to 10 cm deep.

For older children, the water in the tub should be no more than the baby’s hip-high position when in a sitting position.

How To Properly Bathe A Newborn?

advice for new parents for baby shower

This is the best advice for new parents for baby shower. When placing your baby in the tub, keep one hand firmly behind the baby’s bottom. Place your other hand under your baby’s nape and shoulders.

When your baby is settling down in the tub, you can use your hand to support the bottom of the baby’s bottom to wash and splash the water around. Hold your baby firmly with the other hand and support the baby’s head over the nucows’ face.

You may prefer to use a bath chair so you don’t have to hold your baby by hand.

Never leave your baby alone in the tub. Even when baby and baby shower together or when you’re using a baby bath or any kind of bath aid, it’s important to keep an eye on your baby.

Babies can drown under 5cm of water and it only takes a few seconds for them to slide down in the tub or roll into the water. Babies don’t cry when they’re in the water, so you probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary until it’s too late.

If you are using your large bathtub, you should put a rubber tub under it. When your baby is up, teach him to always sit in the tub, not in the bolf to avoid losing his balance or slipping. After taking a shower, always empty the tub.

How Long Should A Newborn Be Bathed?

This is the most important advice for new parents for baby shower. Many mothers often mistakenly think that bathing thoroughly, for a long time to keep the baby as clean as possible. But the truth is that babies’ skin is very delicate and easily damaged.

Therefore, mothers need to avoid soaking the baby for too long in the first place. According to the recommendations of medical experts, the time to bathe a newborn baby should be between 5-10 minutes.

With this time, the mother will be enough to help the baby clean but still be able to make sure the baby’s skin is not dry, and the baby does not have hypothermia.

Frequency Of Bathing Babby

advice for new parents for baby shower

This is important advice for new parents for baby shower. Bathing is a time that can bring mom a lot of joy. But if the mother wants to give her baby a daily bath, she should bathe her baby two or three times a week.

On non-bath days, you can wash your baby’s face and lower body and wipe away the stains on the baby’s body.

You can choose from a range of gentle and specially designed body washes that will help maintain your baby’s natural skin barrier.

If your baby’s skin is dry or irritated, you can add a little emollient bath to the water. Using emollients can make the baby’s skin slippery, so mothers must pay attention to hold the baby carefully.

How Often To Wash Your Baby’s Hair

You don’t have to wash your baby’s hair every day, just twice a week is enough. If your baby has seborrheic dermatitis, you may want to wash your baby’s hair more often with a seborrheic shampoo.

Avoid using shampoo if your baby has eczema and use another emollient instead.


Above are important things about advice for new parents for baby shower. Children are very sensitive and bathing is a difficult challenge so parents must be careful to take care of the baby properly.

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