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The Most Fashion Style Tips And Advice For Shorter Men

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What are the best Style tips and advice for shorter men? You’ll understand how difficult it can be to shop on the street if you’re under 5 feet 9 (the average British guy’s height). Given that the hem and cuffs can be pulled up but not longer, most clothes aren’t cut for people of your size. That’s true, but it also means that for short men, going to the tailor is often the only way to look as if you’re not wearing your dad’s clothes.

Everyone has different guidelines for dressing for their height, but short men don’t need to spend a lot of money or avoid style altogether. No matter how tall you are, you’ll be able to elevate things with these style tips and advice for shorter men.

The Coolest Style Tips And Advice For Shorter Men

Style Tips And Advice For Shorter Men


Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Style tips and advice for shorter men is important to make sure your clothes fit your body. Clothing for short men shouldn’t even fit differently than clothing for men of average height and above.

Let’s break it down by clothing item:

Tops, Sweaters, Tees, And Shirts

Make sure your shoulder seams sit flat on your shoulders when wearing clothes. They serve as a clear indicator of ill-fitting tops.

The length of the shirt, tee, or top should also be taken into consideration as a short guy. If anything is overly lengthy, it will appear that you are wearing someone else’s clothes. This applies to both the shirt’s overall length and the length of the sleeves.

Check out our Sizing Guide if you need assistance determining the size you require.

Finally, the best style tips and advice for shorter men is to make sure you’re comfortable all around and that the top isn’t too tight around the neck. You will look more fit and feel more confident if you find a shirt that highlights your chest and arms.

Without any modifications required, our shirts are specifically made for shorter men.


Most of the time, a fitted pair of pants with a slightly slimmer leg will help elongate your legs and prevent any additional material from making you look bigger. The goal is to appear as high as possible.

The inner seam is the most important criterion when choosing the right pants for short guys. Is the distance between the crotch and the hem of the pants. Generally speaking, the average seller won’t cut their inner seam any shorter than 28 to 30″. So you have more material to sew or cuffs.


There are not many complications to shorts for short men. Just stay away from anything shorter than the knee.

Keep the line between 5-7.” You’ll look taller if you lengthen your legs a bit.

Also, the great style tips and advice for shorter men is to look for shorts that are slightly slimmer. Loose shorts are one such style that should be avoided as they will widen your frame and make you look shorter again.

For more details, check out our in-depth explanation of short sizes for short guys.

Shop Smarter

Shop Smarter

What are the best Style tips and advice for shorter men? You need to shop wisely, armed with the knowledge of how clothes should fit short people and, more specifically, your body.

This entails looking for clothing manufacturers that make items that fit you and avoid sizes that aren’t ideal for you. Besides spending money, it’s also important to exercise self-control and stay away from brands that don’t work for you.

A good place to start is in our store. Clothing for men under 5′ 10″ is made to fit them exactly without any adjustments. These fit and proportion issues have been taken into account when designing clothing for men. for short men to fit out of the rack (or out of a pocket!)

Avoid Wearing Baggy Clothes

While baggy clothing may look good to some people, it can shorten and widen your look. When it comes to personal style, we always recommend being authentic. Wear loose clothing if you like the way it looks and if you feel cool and comfortable wearing it. But for most men who just want to look their best, we don’t recommend wearing baggy or loose clothing.

Best-Selling Matching Accessories

How tall you are in your outfit is also greatly influenced by your accessories. For example, a huge pile of bracelets or large watches that are too big for your wrist can make your wrist look smaller.

This reaffirms the notion that wearing clothes or accessories that are too loose can make you appear shorter. Instead, the best Style tips and advice for shorter men is to size up your accessories and wear only simple, well-sized pieces that work for your figure and stature.

Get A Tailor

This is the main one of the best Style tips and advice for shorter men. Even if Under 510 wants to eliminate the hassle and expense of going to the tailor, the underdogs can still greatly benefit from their services.

You probably have a lot of clothes in your closet that is too long or don’t fit you. A professional tailor can practically make any adjustments to make those clothes fit. Again, it’s a general rule that applies to everyone, high or low. Tailors can fix new clothes to look like they were made to order, or fix old clothes that don’t suit you.

Find a trusted tailor who will know how well you like your clothes to fit. That gives you more outfit options. While it can be expensive, you’ll be helping a small business, which is always a good thing and you can end up saving money on clothes that should be thrown away. Don’t let your clothes end up in the landfill by giving them new life!

Try A Higher Waist

Try A Higher Waist

Now we will move on to some Style tips and advice for shorter men that will help you develop your own style and fashion sense. Try wearing higher-waisted pants as our first tip.

While it may sound paradoxical to suggest that a higher waist can make your body appear shorter, a higher waist makes your legs look longer, giving the impression that you are taller. A good rule of thumb for shorter men is that you want your legs to look longer. And if you have to decide between lengthening your legs (from the waist down) or lengthening your torso (from the top), legs will take precedence. Consider the position of jeans on the waist to quickly demonstrate this idea.

But beware, you still need to consider your proportions. It can make you look even shorter if your torso is already short. The best advice is to give it a try and see how you feel.

Choose Colors Wisely

The placement of colors on your body is crucial to understanding when it comes to colour. This is very important when it comes to stronger colors as it can make you look taller in your outfit depending on how you design your bold splashes.

Color draws attention and is best directed to areas of the body that make you look longer, such as your legs! Consider a denim shirt if you’re opting for a pair of pants that are lighter or more colorful or to stand out. What are the best Style tips and advice for shorter men? Use color to highlight your best features or make you look taller if you are self-conscious about your height. Or even better, if you’re a guy who just wants to spruce up his look, consider adding some color.


What are the best Style tips and advice for shorter men? Finding items that fit and wearing them that fit you is the key to looking taller in your clothes. While there’s no way to dress shorter men, we hope that these suggestions provide a useful starting point.

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