The Main Divorce Advice For Women Must Know

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I often talk to women who are about to get divorced, and the emotions they are going through are really varied. However, they all shared the same feeling of being overwhelmed. Anyone wants to bury their head in the sand and hide when faced with the prospect of so many changes happening too quickly. This is true whether she is the one initiating the divorce proceedings or her husband/wife caught her off guard by telling her he has “found someone new”. She doesn’t even know where to begin because the impact on her life is so profound in both cases.

I recommend following these 9 essential divorce advice for women to help get things started and start to feel more in control:

Top 9 Divorce Advice For Women To Get Ready

Gather Your Financial Records

Gather Your Financial Records

This is the first divorce advice for women. You should start gathering all of your financial documents right away. You will save time and money if you keep everything neatly organized and in one place. I’ve created a Divorce Financial Checklist to guide you through the important paperwork you’ll need. Remember that not everyone will require all of the documents listed. Keep these records out of your home! Copy them and give them to your parents, a trusted friend, or keep them in a safe deposit box that neither your spouse nor anyone else has access to.

Set Up A Post Office Box

This is the next divorce advice for women. Your mail will be safely stored in a locked box that only the key holder can access if you open your own post office box. This will allow you to receive a new credit card and bank statement, as well as a private letter from your divorce specialists. You may get your mail a little faster if you have your own mailbox because you won’t have to wait for the postal courier to deliver the mail; it can go straight to the post office. This is especially important for letters from your attorney asking for a quick response.

Start Saving For Future Legal And Professional Expenses

What is the important divorce advice for women? I have met too many well-off women who cannot get a divorce because their husband/wife has complete control over the family’s finances. This puts the woman at a serious disadvantage in terms of her ability to cover daily living expenses as well as to hire a lawyer to handle her divorce (this is especially true if she needs to move out of the shared home due to the fact that she can’t afford to live together). husband/wife violence).

Ultimately, this financial strain can force you to agree to a divorce settlement that doesn’t benefit your husband at all (cutting off the money supply is an all-too-common tactic). Please note that things often take longer than expected and cost much more than planned.

Open A New Checking And Savings Account

Open A New Checking And Savings Account

This is another divorce advice for women. You should immediately open a new checking and savings account at a different financial institution than all previous joint accounts. Your divorce attorney may advise you to transfer up to half of your combined assets to your new account (state law will govern what you can and cannot do). Only keep enough money in a checking account to cover expenses for a month or two as they usually don’t pay interest.

Keep the rest of the money in your new savings account, which you can link to your checking account at most banks. While interest is paid on savings accounts, it’s pretty small right now (but better than nothing). While the interest rate on a time account is significantly higher, avoid locking your money in it.

Obtain A Copy Of Your Credit History

Obtain copies of your credit report right away. Any disagreements should be settled as quickly as feasible. You should also keep an eye on your credit record to make sure your husband isn’t spending additional marital assets or putting gifts for his girlfriend on your shared credit cards.

You might wish to register for a credit monitoring service if you’re worried that your upcoming ex-spouse might take out a loan in your name. When your credit history changes, these services will let you know about it. By shutting and freezing joint accounts, you can learn more advice for preserving your credit score.

Update Your Living will, Medical Directives, And Will

Your ex will no longer make medical decisions on your behalf. If you die before the divorce is over, you don’t want him to inherit everything either. Most states won’t let you give up his inheritance completely until after the divorce. Even if you let your spouse out of the will, there is something called an Elective Share that will still give him or her a share of your estate.

However, it is certainly better for him to receive only a portion of your estate (with your children inheriting the rest, if you have one), not all of it. After the divorce, when you can legally remove his name from your will, you need to amend the will. While it’s an additional cost, it’s worth it.

Change Beneficiaries On Your IRA, Life Insurance, And Other Accounts

This is the main divorce advice for women. You should talk to your insurance company or broker to make sure they won’t automatically notify your husband if he doesn’t know about your divorce preparations. Avoid letting him know before you’re ready. Many 401K plans will not change beneficiaries without the spouse’s written permission.

Make A List Of All Your Own Assets (outside of marriage)

Make A List Of All Your Own Assets (outside of marriage)

Making a list of every personal property you own is the best divorce advice for women. Assets you owned before marriage are generally considered independent property and should be kept by you (there are exceptions to this, such as if you mixed a prenuptial fund with a matrimonial fund). ).

The property you owned before marriage, the inheritance you received only for yourself, gifts you received only from third parties (such as your mother gave you her diamond ring), portion The pain and suffering of your personal injury judgment and your engagement ring are both examples of separate assets. (Because you bought it before you got married, this is usually considered separate property. However, since it was a gift from your husband during the marriage, your wedding ring is joint property.

By the way about this divorce advice for women, gifts that you and your husband give to each other on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays are generally considered marital property.

Unfortunately, once the divorce process begins, things usually go away, so make sure to digitally photograph and/or document everything.

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