10 Funny Advice For College Students You Shouldn’t Miss

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Beginning college is a significant step toward your future. College life can be far from what you expect, either positively or negatively. You can go through all sorts of emotions while in college. It can be really fun and at other times really difficult. We have some funny advice for college students to help them get through the next semester perfectly.

Funny advice for college students

Talk to your university professors

Communicate regularly with your university professors. Your professors will appreciate your effort to connect and discuss things. This will come in handy later if you need a referral or a job, but it’s also a way to get the best education possible.

Serious study

The next funny advice for college students is to study seriously. Stand up and take charge of your learning, whether it’s raising your hand more in class or taking on more responsibility in a group project. Stepping out of your comfort zone will teach you more than sitting in the back seat and watching others succeed.

Serious study

Study at school more often than at

There are lots of helpful materials, free tutoring, and quiet places to focus. It’s worth spending more time on campus instead of at home because you won’t want to do anything when you get home, trust me. Also, keep a notebook to write down important quotes when you come across them. You’ll be happy to do this and can find these quotes when you need them. Otherwise, there will be times when you come up with a quote that you can’t remember, or can’t find online and your life will get worse because of this.

Try playing sports

I never really exercised until I started attending the college I am at now. I’ve played a couple of church softball games to work out but never had a real workout. Let’s play a certain sport and you will feel more excited than ever. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do at first, just ask for help and find something you really enjoy doing. Running isn’t for everyone, but neither is weightlifting. Swimming is a great exercise and so is cycling. Just try something out.

Try playing sports

Don’t go home often every weekend

The first few days away from school can make new students want to go home to their families, especially friends from nearby provinces. But if possible, sacrifice the first time to participate in activities organized on the weekend, connect with other students, or simply clean, and redecorate the new place to feel a better and more familiar feeling.

Cooking with friends

Another funny advice for college students is to cook with your friends as you can. If you get a chance, gather close friends and cook together. These will be memorable memories in your student life. Imagine you and your friends sitting together, chatting about school stories to get to know each other better, eating a delicious meal, and relaxing with a full stomach and a happy mind.

Cooking with friends

Be independent

It is also very important when starting out in life to learn to be independent. Even if you are married, madly in love or living with someone, make sure you always have your own income and your own financial independence. If you need to leave, you will have freedom and security because of this (and a healthier, more balanced relationship if you want to stay).

Try to get enough sleep

Don’t forget to sleep. When life is full of people and thoughts, things to read and parties, it’s tempting not to sleep. College students often get so engrossed in the fun that they forget they also need a break. Waking up in the morning with inadequate sleep is the cause that makes you lethargic and tired and unable to focus on work. So get enough sleep if you can. A good rest is better than any nap or snack.

Equip yourself with skills

Get a skill yourself, it’s knowledge there and be wise when you are offered a job and also know your worth. Skill is something that makes you valuable. If you have a skill and it’s a sought-after skill, you should have no problem. Valuable Skills = Money, so do your best to leave this advice to students and make the most of it.

funny advice for college students

Trust and Perseverance

You must have faith in your own judgment and act accordingly. You can’t follow what the crowd is doing, but you can set a path for yourself and work on it. For example, if you love blogging, it’s a good job but you can’t start getting paid from the first day you start writing content, it’s a gradual process, and the more consistent and progressive you are, the more money you make in the long run. In fact, this is not only advice for college students but also a way to achieve almost anything in life. It starts with a process until you get the product.


To sum up, above is a collection of funny advice for college students that we can suggest. Hopefully with these tips, you will have a fun and memorable time in college and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to confidently enter life. See you in other interesting articles.

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