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8 Effective Advice Blogs For College Students

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College is a challenging yet exciting time. These are also considered the most beautiful years in each person’s young life. But beginnings are always stressful and overwhelming. Although you can get useful advice from teachers, counselors, and friends… including advice blogs for college students. This is an easily accessible and readily available resource. This post lists all the best blogs that you need to refer to while in college. Whether you’re looking for study tips, a lifestyle blog or financial advice, you’re sure to find something!

The Overview of advice blogs for college students

It may be difficult to find people directly related to the things you wonder about, but you can easily find them online. You can always connect with everyone as long as there is the internet. The best place to get information about college life is from people who have experienced it and learned from it. They know the best ways to get through situations you don’t know and are willing to share with you.

The Overview of advice blogs for college students

Reading blogs written for and by college students is not only a great way to gather tips and tricks to make your life a little easier, but it’s also the perfect way to feel good about yourself. understanding. College blogs cover a wide range of topics, including dating and partying, as well as academics and life after graduation. Here are our top picks for the best advice blogs for college students.

Top useful advice blogs for college students

Study Hacks

The Study Hacks blog is written by Cal Newport, a Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. He likes to write about how culture and digital technology interact. On his blog, readers can find helpful videos, posts, and lessons that can aid in college life. Newport offers a program called Life of Focus as well. It is held once a year for three months and is based on Deep Work, Digital Minimalism and Ultralearning. The course invites you to imagine a new life by restructuring your work and increasing your productivity.

College Cures

One of the advice blogs for college students is College Cures. A blog devoted to the student experience is called College Cures. Content is divided into several categories, including: relationships, work, health, finance, school, parties, and college life. Blogs help guide students both during and after college. A lot of students love College Cures because it’s simplified and contains really useful content. This is a must-read for anyone who is in college or is considering college.

College Cures

College Info Geek

Thomas Frank and his team built College Info Geek with a mission to help students learn more effectively and efficiently. The blog isn’t just for college students, but as the title states, it’s geared toward people who are in college. His topics include: productivity, career skills, life skills, learning, and how to work remotely. Students can learn to learn smarter by learning more effectively in less time and working more efficiently.

Blogs also help you get the job you want by building your personal brand and helping you promote yourself effectively. You will also find information and advice on how to manage your money well. Students can also find playlists with music they can also learn from, available on Apple Music and Spotify. The playlist now has 240 songs you can choose from!


CareerQueen and InternQueen were formed by Lauren Berger, a speaker, author, and career consultant. With her book and blog, she offers advice on how to earn an internship. Her blog has been at the top of the recommended list for years when it comes to teaching college students how to get a job. You’ll find blog posts advising on resume writing tips, how to answer certain questions in interviews, and more. If you’re in college and are thinking about the future, Internship Queen will be a must-read college blog.


College Entrepreneur 101

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, College Entrepreneur 101 is the perfect blog for you. It’s a business website where you can learn from other college students how to build, manage, and scale your digital business. Accordingly, you will learn how to sell, make money from social networks, and manage money… The blog also has weekly news that all college entrepreneurs should know.

Broken Millennial

It is a fact that money plays a very important role in our lives, but most of us are not taught how to manage it effectively. Our ignorance has the potential to lead to serious financial difficulties later on. That’s why Erin Lowry created the Broke Millennial blog – a resource for college students, recent graduates, and young adults in general for money-related advice. The blog gives you advice on how to manage money effectively. On the homepage, you’ll find a free spreadsheet with a five-step plan on how to take control of your finances.

College Life Made Easy

College Life Made Easy is what its name suggests – a blog filled with tips and tactics to make your college experience the best (and easiest) possible. The blog is filled with information about scholarships, money, dorm-related information, and graduation ideas. From lifestyle content to celebration ideas, blogging is a fun destination for students who want to get creative! There are also free printables you can download such as budget templates, weekly planners, invoice trackers, etc. If there is a subject you are interested in, you can even contact them.

College Life Made Easy

Her Campus

Her Campus is a blog that focuses on women and empowers them to take control of their destinies. They cover more than college topics by adding health, career, and even recreational information. It’s an active community on social media and up to date with feminist politics and even celebrity news. Her Campus is one of the largest college blogs out there, with new content being updated all the time.


Above are 8 useful advice blogs for college students for you. As a college student, you will likely have questions regarding how college works and college life, and these blogs contain all you need. This blog is sure to make your life in college a little easier. They provide you with resources and information to help you study successfully.

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